Cloud Creations Implements Port of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 23, 2019 – The Port of Los Angeles, located in San Pedro CA, is the premier gateway for international commerce. This thriving seaport sustains its competitive edge with unmatched cargo operations, but is also known for its sustainable philosophy, advanced technology, and state of the art facilities. To maintain its position among the world’s premier ports, the “Port” continuously addresses the modernization and efficiency of its cargo-handling terminals by investing in transportation and infrastructure projects.


Cloud Creations worked with the cargo marketing division – they needed a place to track the accounts and contacts that they work with, as well as, the interactions (calls, visits, etc.), and thus they needed a software platform capable of building relationships between accounts with multiple locations (account hierarchy). So, what the “Port” needed was for Cloud Creations to import their contact list and setup activity reports and dashboards.


Cloud Creations configured The Port of Los Angeles’ data into a spreadsheet and imported into Salesforce where it was configured into custom field objects for Projects, and native field objects for accounts and contacts. In this setup, The Port users had access to dashboards, also configured and setup by Cloud Creations, that allowed them to see and manipulate this information from a single multi-functional field view, or by accessing the originating object field view. Just as well, in any of these functionalities The Port users could access and create reports from a reports dashboard too.


A native homepage object allows users from The Port to view daily tasks in an up to date manner, that information can even be expanded to a normal screen view by simply choosing that functionality on the screen display (bottom left arrow).

The accounts object field view was configured to display related contacts and projects (right point arrow) account relationship by hierarchy (top down arrow), stages or steps related to the account (bottom down pointing arrow), and has GPS (left pointing arrow).

A report detail illustrates interactions associated with various accounts.


The Port of Los Angeles’ Marketing division needed a platform with diverse functionalities capable of tracking information and data from different entities within their accounts, contacts, visits, and leads entailed in their daily operations. With the integrations by Cloud Creations they now had a CRM setup capable of accomplishing this for them.


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