Cloud Creations Implements Point of Sale in Salesforce

NAPA, CA – October 22, 2018 – B Cellars formed in the spring of 2003 after a few of the vineyards now key players met by coincidence at a 4th of July bar-b-que in 2002. Each of B Cellars founders was seeking a new and diverse business path, thus as they met for the first time they realized that not only did they have the same desires to purchase available vineyards, but that they also had the same business concepts for creating and developing the scope of their vineyard business model. From then on things were less complicated, a partnership and B Cellars were formed.


B Cellars did not possess a Point of Sale System capable of tracking business/client relationships. They did not have a client management system.


Cloud Creations initiated configurations and customizations of Account, Opportunity, Relationships, and Lead objects and fields. B Cellars products were integrated into Salesforce and that information was synced into their objects and fields. Using their custom dashboards and reports B Cellars were able to map out sales orders, track customer data, and initiate follow up tasks associated with Accounts and Leads.

A web to lead integration also configured and implemented by Cloud Creations allowed B Cellars to stream information from their website and into their Salesforce environment where they could expand their data capturing capabilities.

The custom dashboard and report configurations screenshot below highlights the level of object and field configurations implemented by Cloud Creations.

At the top of the image you can see object/tab implementations, while the subpaneled field configurations preview customized data like sales, sales associated with tasting opportunities, cases sold, and varying leads associated with account product opportunities.

See those customizations and configurations on display below.

Opportunities field displays allow users functionalities such as details, activity, and chatter in a single multi-layered field display. Users can access account information as well view purchasing activities, or create personal dialogue using chatter – an important feature that B Cellars demanded from their CRM platform.

A side panel view also displays account products purchased and account contact roles for deeper data and customer relationship roles.

Take a look for yourself in the image below.


B Cellars now had a Point of Sales (P.O.S.) capable of managing the diverse client relationships that they needed managed in a CRM environment that could prioritize their data to their business and customer relationship needs.

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