Cloud Creations Implements Patient Tracking for Atlas Vein Care

ARLINGTON, TX – June 24, 2019 – Atlas Vein Care are experts who focus exclusively on vein problems in the legs. Atlas evaluates and treats all of the things related to vein problems in the legs, whether those things are purely cosmetic or  medically significant. Atlas also takes the time to educate their patients and medical professionals on the negative effects vein problems can have on a patient’s quality of life if those problems are left untreated. Using advanced state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat these vein issues in the legs Atlas has become the leader in diagnosing and treating patients with leg problems.



Atlas needed to have their data cleaned-up, configured, and migrated into Salesforce thereby switching them from spreadsheets to a CRM based user platform.



Cloud Creations performed a manual data cleanup for Atlas then configured the data onto a spreadsheet and imported it into Atlas’ new Salesforce software platform. Native configurations for account and contact object fields were also executed and so were custom object field configurations for data entities in patient, physician, and referrals in order enhance data storage, and up to date user-ability and syncing. A native home page object was configured for boarder user access as well.

Contacts were configured into Atlas’ Salesforce with the functionality to record contact record types such as whether a contact was active (upward pointing arrow), licensed, and/or by who owned the contact record opportunity (two bottom boxes).

Other contact functionalities can be performed on the object field view as well, such as opt out, do not call, etc. Notes and other options are available to users too.

The Physician field object can sync accounts to one another based on relationships. See the parent account functionality in the right highlighted box in the screenshot below.

Referral opportunities can track a leads stages, when a lead is closed or how it was lost, and where the lead came from or how it was generated. See how Cloud Creations configured those custom data features into Atlas’ Salesforce referral object below for yourself, just check-out the functionalities in the highlighted boxes.


Atlas was updated and configured for a Salesforce CRM platform, due in part to Cloud Creations ability to conceptualize their data and import it into a custom configured environment where it could be updated and utilized more efficiently.

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