Cloud Creations Implements Pardot and Outlook Integration

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 23, 2018 – Through a powerful combination of independence and experience, Mullin Barens Sanford Financial and Insurance Services (MBS Financial) is a leading consulting firm that assists companies with 409A and other executive compensation and benefit needs. Whether crafting a plan that balances employee retention with stakeholder interests, improving existing plan design and operation, or providing TPA search services, their clients have come to expect independent ideas and innovative concepts. Their custom solutions aim to reduce corporate income taxes, lower the cost of providing executive benefits programs, build assets for retirement, protect income, provide for heirs, and build legacies.


Mullins Barens Sanford Financial (MBS) was already set-up and using a Salesforce Enterprise CRM platform. However, MBS had notes and other forms of communications that they needed associated with contacts (accounts) and opportunities. MBS was also looking to incorporate marketing campaigns into their Salesforce as well.


Cloud Creations began their implementation by updating and reconfiguring Contacts and Opportunity fields in MBS’s existing Salesforce CRM.  For example, multiple field configurations were added to field panels so that users could update account information – personal and unique, for example – to the account in default and customized field settings and categories.

In the image below a subfield category in “Additional Information” allows MBS users to tie notes to the account like “Hobbies/Interests,” “College Attended,” and “Insurance License:”

The same level of field panel development was also added to Opportunity panel subfields as well:

Email and campaign enhancements were added to MBS’s Salesforce with both an Outlook for Salesforce app connector and Pardot connector installation. With these integrations MBS can perform desired tasks such as tracking their campaign initiatives in Pardot .

Check out the native functionality of Engagement Studio in Pardot for campaign development and tracking below:

The Engagement Studio is Pardot’s main software canvas for analyzing opportunities and leads, and for having the ability to track those leads and opportunities in a multi-functional CRM capability.

Pardot and Outlook were also configured and synced so that MBS users had access to two email templates where they could store information from completed activities back into their appropriate field designations and generate a PDF activity report(s) for themselves and their clients.

Completed Action: Allows, users once they submit the Pardot form, to download a PDF, and direct information to its appropriate field settings.

In Pardot, Cloud Creations also developed an: MSB landing page, rule automation, website tracking codes, and an email unsubscribe hyperlink for MSB’s Outlook email templates.

The Pardot Landing Page for MSBalso included a lead (opportunity) generation form:

The MSB implementation by Cloud Creations also integrated from the Report Builder canvas one custom dashboard for report generations originating from MSB’s Contact and Opportunity fields utilizing the data displays that they wanted to see in their Report dashboards.

Reports: A Project Tasks Reports view displays time frame and information critical to the MSB user in the report from selected/desired fields.


MSB’s Salesforce implementation by Cloud Creations successfully integrated the reporting, and data collecting tools that MSB sought from their CRM platform. In particular, they were able to generate leads from their landing page, and sync contacts and accounts to notes, and utilize an Outlook email app connected to Pardot to enhance their email campaign leads and opportunities.

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