Cloud Creations Implements Pardot for Marketing Automation

LAS VEGAS, NV – May 1, 2018


Energy Avenue was looking for way to expand and track their marketing efforts. They needed a proficient automation system and upgraded email templates to integrate into their automation processes. They also needed to have their website updated and reworked so that the same automation marketing engagement and rules being used in their email campaigns could be utilized from landing pages on their website as well.  Account representatives and clients had to be streamlined into this multi-layered process as well.


Cloud Creations used the Engagement Studio, a feature of Pardot, to streamline accounts and account users into a single visual profile, with multiple user access points.

In the Engagement Studio, programs could be reconciled into activities like name, and users could view the activity’s status, and how many other users were engaged in the account activity. Users on the Energy Avenue side could also view when activities were created.

Take a look at the different layers of activities that could be viewed and accessed using Engagement Studio in Pardot in the screenshot below:

Newer Email templates (2) were also developed by Cloud Creations for Energy Avenue’s marketing campaigns.

In the screen shot below Energy Avenue’s images and icons have been embedded into a custom template that is sent to its customers and accounts. On the template are hyperlinks to contact a support specialist (left pointing arrow), and to take subscribers to the Energy Avenue’s website (downward arrow).  Energy Avenue’s phone number is also hyperlinked for smartphone users as well.

Once the hyperlink is engaged the Pardot feature begins the marketing data collection process by filtering contact and user information back into the Engagement Studio.

A custom landing page was also developed by Cloud Creations, and custom forms were implemented into both the landing page and another page on the Energy Avenue website.

When customers decided to fill in the custom developed information forms the information that they input to them was also stored into the Pardot Engagement Studio for more expanded data tracking.

Take a look at the custom video demo form below, it has a custom “submit” button that syncs information to the Engagement studio immediately.


Energy Avenue had a data collection platform that they could use for their desire to expand marketing endeavors. Cloud Creations also worked-up a Google AdWords Connector App in Pardot for their email campaigns, and developed an “unsubscribe” hyperlink for their email templates too.

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