Cloud Creations Implements Pardot for Biotech Firm

MENLO PARK, CA – April 1, 2019 – IONpath was founded by Stanford researchers working and studying in the lab of Dr. Garry Nolan. Their drive and focus was to revolutionize pathology using Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) technology. MIBI is a “multiplexed” imaging platform with unmatched resolution, sensitivity, and throughput according the research conducted by IONpath associates.


IONpath wasn’t tracking prospect and lead conversions within their Salesforce setup efficiently. They didn’t have a clear idea of where their prospects were coming from, and they needed assistance with segmentation in order to adequately filter and track their leads and prospects from objects and field views within their existing Salesforce setup.


Cloud Creations installed a Pardot connector to IONpath’s existing Salesforce Enterprise platform that allows them to sync prospects to leads in Salesforce.This gives IONpath’s Salesforce Enterprise users the ability to nurture and qualify a lead, and eventually convert it to an opportunity.

Cloud Creations then created segmentation lists in order to establish segments within lead field view panels that are capable of tracking leads coming in from different prospecting sources.To facilitate this implementation Cloud Creations also developed custom website tracking codes that allowed IONpath users to see the analytics of visitors browsing their web pages.

Prospect fields were developed and integrated to help IONpath track when a prospect had been turned into a legitimate opportunity. In the custom prospect field display users could see where the lead or prospect was generated (from email opt in categories for example), when it was generated, and where it existed in the Salesforce object/field environment.

Lead record fields displayed pardot data in larger volumes. A native lead object could be engaged for this information in pardot (left top arrow), and activities could be tracked and updated using the same field functionalities as well (bottom left arrow and highlight).

As an added benefit, these same field display functionalities were synced and automated to populate other relational objects and fields within IONpath’s Salesforce data environment.

A custom email template also included opt-in pardot prospect tracking functionalities. Email recipients can simply opt-in by clicking the button and their information is automatically captured and synced into pardot (you can see that automation in the first screen).


Cloud Creations setup IONpath’s lead and prospect segmentations and provided training so that IONpath could better understand how to use and deploy them for enhanced prospecting and opportunity development and tracking.

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