Cloud Creations Implements Order Management

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – February 25, 2019 – Oral Essentials is a dentist-formulated line of oral hygiene products that utilizes ancient remedies like Dead Sea salt, aloe vera, and essential oils to uplift oral health routines leaving breath feeling refreshed. These unrefined ingredients help support healthy gums, sparkling teeth and an all-around happier mouth.


Oral Essentials were a challenging project because understanding their sales process was difficult. Specifically, it was difficult to understand how they distributed their products and tracked their orders. Therefore, Cloud Creations had to identify how and to which objects to configure their custom fields for.



Cloud Creations was able configure Oral Essentials opportunities much like a sales cycle. When opportunities came in and were populated any information that matched went to appropriate fields in accounts, contacts, and products as well.

Products were also setup to be configured as leads and were synced to the opportunity cycle as well.



On accounts Cloud Creations were able to implement field categories for stores/businesses, and were able to tie-in information from lead sources on the same field display (lower red outline).

Account summaries can be edited for deeper detailed information related to accounts and product leads.

Leads were also configured to refine industry characterizations (top right outlined box), and to designate strength of lead, and plan for the lead (lower left outlined box).


Oral essentials now had the CRM setup that they needed to properly track sales, and understand their data flow associated with their sales.

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