Cloud Creations Implements Operations Analytics

CULVER CITY, CA – January 21, 2019 – Dedicated to improving workplace efficiency, Open Path creates and develops better and more efficient security solutions for the modern office. The Open Path Access application in particular, enables employees to enter the office using their smartphones, thus, making office management easier than ever. Therefore, Open Path’s apps create encryption at every level and powerful, user-level permissions for workplace security.


Open Path is an existing Cloud Creations client who do a lot of marketing using pipeline categories, therefore, Open Path needed to establish further marketing hub spots in lead and prospecting functionalities


Cloud Creations created 3 reports for Open Path. The first report that Cloud Creations developed was a pipeline report that tracked a marketing opportunity’s: stage, total value, forecasted value, close date, etc. A second report performed lead tracking functions; leads come in from Hubspot, then can be tracked through the pipeline report to see which keywords and campaigns are performing higher and better.

The third report created information based on a marketing opportunity’s: prospecting stages, number of conversions, set by stage, and set by how many opportunities are at “prospecting.” The leads for these functionalities were generated from Hubspot.

In the lead source record screenshot below you can see how percentages are broken down for lead and pipeline opportunities. The diagram provides visual representation and the legend to the right gives schematic representation for user view and understanding.

The bottom right pointing arrow filters pipeline data according to the information generated through the existing hubspot integration.

At the prospecting stage lead conversions show a great deal of detail about the financial feasibility of an opportunity. Below you can see elements like projected close dates, how much has been converted, whether or not an opportunity is won, its probability to be won, and the expected revenue that is estimated to come from the opportunity.

Source rate conversions in reports allow users to see the rate that an opportunity is moving at (top left arrow) with other relevant statistics that accompany it, and it also diagrams using a bar graph the source and where the source is in terms of achieving its projected probability for being won.


Open Path had the pipeline tracking functionalities that they were seeking to implement into their marketing campaign tracking endeavors for broader and more accurate marketing data analysis.

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