Cloud Creations Implements Homeless Support Services Pro Bono

PASADENA, CA – DEC 4, 2017 – Support Solutions is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit serving the homeless throughout the San Gabriel Valley, CA USA. Support Solutions mission is to help homeless families and individuals develop the tools they need to increase their income and regain housing. They serve the San Gabriel Valley with a focus on Covina, CA and the surrounding communities. Their programs are designed to make an impact for those whom they serve, and some of their programs include: employment, service navigations, and safe parking (services for families living in their cars).

The Challenges of Support Solutions services demanded a well devised Salesforce execution plan by Cloud Creations. Because Support Solutions is a new organization – grass roots – they essentially had to establish themselves from an Excel Spreadsheet, and given that Support Solutions clientele and data types were unique and demanded the utmost of confidentiality and security, Cloud Creations had to look at their data, understand it, and then customize their Salesforce to accommodate their particular data capturing requirements. Needless to say, native Salesforce features had to be customized and tweaked to meet Support Solutions diverse demands.  A data clean-up had to be performed by Cloud Creations before Support Solutions data could be imported into Salesforce. Then following this a strategy had to be implemented on how to best establish, customize, and configure Support Solutions CONTACT field views. Finally, a plan on how to train Support Solutions to autonomously utilize their Salesforce platform had to be delivered as well.

Cloud Creations started with 2 – 1 hour conference call – strategy sessions so that they could accomplish 2 things: 1) get a better understanding of Support Solutions business practices; including an understanding of the populations they served, support institutions, donors, and volunteers; and 2) device a plan on how to advise Support Solutions regarding their Salesforce build-up and implementation. Over the course of the strategy sessions a plan was developed to take Support Solutions data and first, clean it up, then second import it into Salesforce. In particular, this meant configuring all of Support Solutions, unique, Excel input columns into Salesforce, then into customizable Contact fields recognizing various levels of clientele, support institutions, donor, and volunteer activities and tasks. Standard Salesforce practices typically accommodate routine and complex business functionalities; however, Support Solutions, vast human elements meant that the 25 standard default fields and 10 non-formula fields built-up for most importation projects would require customization beyond standard Salesforce capabilities.

Support Solutions needed their CONTACT fields to handle an array of tasks and activities. For example, at the clientele level, they needed fields to input data such as the amount of years that a client(s) had been homeless, number of children, etc.; for donors they had to have the ability to input information such as basic contact information, and there also had to be fields for the types of donations and amounts of the donations made; they also needed the ability to input and track volunteers; and finally they needed to have the ability input information from the various organizations and institutions from which they received support from as well. For safety, Cloud Creations had to customize Field-Level Security Settings. In this capacity only two individuals: the System Administrator, and the Solution Manager, were able to access, input, and manipulate the most private of data possessed by Support Solutions. Cloud Creations then finalized the project with training to assist Support Solutions with the execution and management of their Salesforce platform.

Support Solutions received the training and Salesforce build-up and implementation that they needed to get their grass roots endeavor headed in the direction that they desired: capturing unique clientele information, and maintaining collaborative relationships paramount to their mission within a software platform that could handle all of their diverse data capturing needs.

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