Cloud Creations Implements Member Management for Local Union

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 17, 2019 – From humble origins—12 workers sitting atop produce crates in the California sun—UFCW 770 has blossomed into a force for good for the workers they serve across the state. Today, 770 represents and advocates for 31,000 workers in healthcare, retail health, grocery, packing and cannabis. Across the California they’re committed to getting hardworking Californians more—on and off the clock.


UFCW had a previous Salesforce CRM configuration that didn’t quite work up to the level of processes that they needed from it. As they stood, UFCW was having a difficult time tracking and overseeing their union membership; especially, in the area of tracking licensing certifications.

Before any implementations could begin by Cloud Creations UFCW needed a mass delete and import of data from their existing platform into their new Salesforce Professional.


Cloud Creations configured a spreadsheet to be imported into UFCW’s Salesforce. They also configured native object fields in account, contact, and opportunity, and custom configured one License object field for them as well.

After this the data pulled from the spreadsheet was synced into the appropriate object fields where UFCW could then institute processes to track and keep data on their large population of union members; especially, those with licensing requirements.

Account object fields were custom configured as “employers” object fields. In the screenshot below you can see custom object field configurations such as: employer display with a 770 checkbox; licenses held, and an LPA opportunity process builder at the top of the field display.

Opportunity object field configurations were setup to show the stages of the process builder steps. Follow the correlating boxes and the upward pointing arrow to see those integrations in the screenshot below.

Notes could also be tracked using custom field modifications that are synced back to their appropriate object field pairings like contact or opportunities.

Check out the red outline box below to see those custom developed configurations by Cloud Creations.

The custom license object field also displays details like account license numbers and employer details. It is also displayed as a custom tab. Take a look at the custom license integrations below. Just follow the red arrows.


UFCW had the appropriate object field configurations to their Salesforce Professional platform that they needed in the first place.

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