Cloud Creations Implements Marketing Cloud for USDA

Washington, D.C. – June 15, 2018 –


AgResearch and News Services, divisions of USDA Marketing, needed a marketing tool to implement into their marketing and email platforms that was secure and easy to use for both administrators and subscribers. AgResearch has marketing in 2 sectors, so they were going to need tool that could be used with their News Service and AgResearch Magazine.


Cloud Creations developed several different email templates for the AgReaserch magazine platform and also developed and embedded several different external hyperlinks into the email templates.

Take a look at the multiple hyperlink features created on the email template for the AgResearch magazine template.  Subscribers not only have the ability to access the magazine using a hyperlink, but they can also access author information, keyword applications, and expanded reading profiles on the AgResearch website.

Data and subscriber activity is tracked through a Marketing Cloud Connector implementation synced into AgResearch’s web service and email platform. A Journey Builder tool developed within Marketing Cloud allows users on USDA’s end to view and track and see how many different subscribers are accessing and utilizing the hyperlinks and the information associated with the hyperlinks. A tool for monitoring online traffic was an important factor in AgResearch’s implementation.

Cloud Creations also worked-up and created a news service email template for AgResearch.

Take a look at the template, it includes: custom developed title panes, a feature of Marketing Cloud, also a box to drop news feed content into (first top arrow), and Ag Research content material embedded into a pane below it (2 bottom arrows).


AgResearch, USDA Marketing, was able to attain a marketing and email tool that suited the diversity of their needs. They had an email campaign capable of expanding subscriber activity on the AgResearch magazine website, and they had a news blurb service that was capable of reaching an expanded base of customers.





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