Cloud Creations Implements Lead Management for Issels Immunotherapy

SANTA BARBARA, CA – June 18, 2019 – The Issels Immunotherapy for Cancer program stands out from that of other medical resources because of its remarkable results that include long-term cancer remissions by integrating non-toxic immunotherapy as an essential part of individualized treatment plans. An exceptional number of Issels stage 4 cancer patients achieved complete long-term tumor remission and remain cancer free for many years, and even decades.                                                                               


Issels takes a lot of leads directly from their website, and they also create a quotes from them as well. Issels was in need of third party integrations to their Salesforce platform that would allow them to streamline their leads into one environment for better tracking and data compilation of those leads. This was important to Issels because they operated their business on a national and international level.


Cloud Creations used Apex code to automatically create note records from activity records, and they also implemented automated notifications that were setup based on regions and integrated into a web-to-lead service integration to manage the flow of these activity records.

To handle the vast data coming in from the automation processes Cloud Creations installed the third party apps Distribution Engine, Xfiles Pro, and Einstein Activity so that contact records and emails could be synced to leads and contacts and accessed through Reports & Dashboards in accounts and opportunities as well.

A process was also set up to sync the Xfiles Pro integration to Google Drive where more of Issels data could be stored and accessed. Lead automation was accomplished using an Einstein Activity integration.  Emails can be recorded under the leads and contacts object field to update records and field displays; as well as, to display a record of contacts made.

The X-Files Pro integration can save information in Salesforce object fields and it can back it up to Google Drive.

A Lead can be recorded and saved as an inquiry. On the top of the screen you can see the inquiry process builder, and to the right you can see the notes associated with the lead inquiry. The process can also be used to relate the same record to other object fields possessing the same record information.


Issels had the third party apps that they had sought to manage their vast amounts of data that came from their website both from the United States and internationally. With these apps and processes implemented by Cloud Creations, Issels was capable of reaching more clientele who could benefit from their services in ways more expedient than before.

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