Cloud Creations Implements Lead Automation

JANUARY 2, 2019 – Anaheim, CA – ClearFlow is a pioneer of clearable catheter systems intended to solve the clinical problems caused by internally obstructed medical tubes. ClearFlow’s platform of catheter systems enable caregivers to actively clear internal obstructions to ensure these that critical tubes perform optimally.



ClearFlow is a growing organization, and as such they were growing at a rate that they could not keep up with the demand for their products. They had their account information saved on a database type of system that they created themselves, but with this new found business growth they needed a platform that could accommodate the growing interest in their product lines.



Cloud Creations implemented 2 important integrations: a web-to-lead service setup, and lead assignment automation rules. With these two implementations Cloud Creations was able to then configure and setup products and Clearflow’s database information into native object field setups in account, opportunities, and leads. With web-to-lead and automation, information coming in from ClearFlow’s website could be directed to appropriate field settings, and existing information could be synced into their Salesforce the same way as well.

In this platform configuration ClearFlow could utilize a Pardot setup to access information from their accounts and leads to also setup email campaigns using a custom template mocked-up for them by Cloud Creations in Pardot.

2 account record types were set up for ClearFlow. One as a native or standard account record, and the other as a custom “distributor account” record.

Take a look at that configuration and automation process below for yourself.


The distributer account record can track information such as associated accounts or parent accounts (left pointing arrow), and it can be used to view the status of that account as an opportunity as well (upward pointing arrow).

Account field configurations in the native account object include training notes (left pointing arrow), and standard business information associated with the account.

Check it out!

Opportunity field configurations were modified to display line items such as the stage that the opportunity is in terms of being closed (right pointing arrow), opportunity id (upward pointing arrow), and product and distributor information (left pointing arrow).

See that below.

Cloud Creations mocked up an email template in Pardot for ClearFlow that they could utilize for email marketing campaigns. It could be used to include marketing details (top red outline box), and it has a hyperlink to opt of the campaign email as well (bottom red outline box).

View that custom mock up in the screenshot below for yourself.




ClearFlow can track their growing interests in their products as leads from their website utilizing the web-to-lead service integrated for them by Cloud Creations. They can also store and track data within their Salesforce utilizing a number of custom object field configurations as well.

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