Cloud Creations Implements Jewelry Claim Processor

BELLEVILLE, IL – Dec 18, 2017 – Founded in 2001, Artigem Replacement Services leads the Jewelry Claim Industry with innovation, world class service and an exceptional selection of jewelry replacements. They are the national provider of jewelry claim solutions to 9 of the 15 largest property and casualty carriers. Artigem Replacement Services was the first company to perfect the integration of jewelry claims processing, quotations, replacements, loss causes, and salvage into one patented Web-based system. Artigem Replacement Services provides accurate valuations and replacements by researching current market conditions and availability to find like kind and quality to the loss.

Artigem needed a way to ensure that products on their website were not being “double-sold” (because they ensure gem/stone, jewelry piece uniqueness), so they needed an enhanced platform capable of tracking the duration that a piece of jewelry was on their website for a determined period of time, and for each time that the piece of jewelry reaches a date assigned milestone they needed an automation process where an email notification could be sent to the owner (Artigem Administrator) of the opportunity, or piece of jewelry. In order to manage the milestones Artigem needed Cloud Creations to initiate a migration of information from Excel spreadsheets into Salesforce and several integrations to automate and assist in the flow of, and managing ofcontacts and opportunities through one, yet diverse Salesforce applications.

Cloud Creations deployed an array of solutions to the Artigem Replacement Services Salesforce project. Native Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities were integrated and then tied into Apex and Process Automation Builder in Salesforce. Artigem’s sales and tracking solutions came about through the implementation of default and custom fields in Opportunities and Accounts (45 default, and 15 custom). The default and custom fields include functionalities such as:  list views, search layouts, home tabs, and “look up” layouts on field views. On top, of this Artigem was trained by Cloud Creations to understand how to create default fields as they needed them created. The Artigem project also included the implementation of a Process Automation Builder that ensures that emails sent through Salesforce will assign follow up tasks and create opportunity records from an originating email that then directs the appropriate information into its respective fields. Finally, Cloud Creations custom configured a DB Sync app installation to assist Artigem in moving information from QuickBooks (through administrator access) into a one way synchronization in Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Products.

To finalize Artigem’s Salesforce integrations training was provided through 2 Strategy Sessions via conference calls. During the conference calls Artigem was provided with advice and guidance pertaining to their Salesforce usage capabilities. In addition to Strategy Sessions, web-based Salesforce training guided by a Cloud Creations Project Manager further informed Artigem on how to use Salesforce for tasks such as: record creation, and report management.

Artigem needed a spreadsheet imported from an Excel CSV file. Then they needed to have their information integrated into Salesforce in such a way that they could easily manage and edit information about the product, opportunities associated with the product, and relevant contact information tied to the product. Integrations such as Apex (logic) assisted them in their endeavors to automate their processes so that timely updates could be recorded on the opportunity, real-time availability of the product confirmed, and so that templates could be processed for activities such as shipping, and memo’s and invoices generated so that transactions associated with the opportunity could be recorded and initiated as well. Finally, Cloud Creationsprovided Artigem with in-depth training enabling them to use and access their new Salesforce platform as soon as it was ready to “go-live.”


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