Cloud Creations Implements Intensive Visualforce Development

NEW YORK, NY – May 8, 2018 – Founded in 2002, Rare Violins deals primarily in the finest Italian Hand Made violins and other stringed  instruments.  They source their instruments from all over the world concentrating on markets such as Italy and other parts of Europe.

RVNY has some existing Visualforce pages in their current Salesforce platform already. The problem was that they have several triggers in those pages that need to be streamlined for smoother day to day business operational purposes.   After several Strategy Sessions Cloud Creations in collaboration with RVNY decided that some modifications to their existing Visualforce PDF pages would be appropriate with updates to codes and classes in RVNY”s Apex development environment for “product ownership” and “location sold” tracking purposes.

Once this was settled, Apex development was added to RVNY’s Visualforce Approval page through a reconfiguration of the Apex programming language that RVNY possessed. Modified Apex programming language was also used to update PDF formatted: Approvals, Loaner, and Drop-off memos. Cloud Creations also worked- up and modified a Visualforce popup Cancellation Confirmation Box in RVNY’s Apex development environment.

Cloud Creations was able to perform the intensive Apex Programming Language modifications and Visualforce mock-ups necessary for RVNY’s desire for improved day to day Salesforce business practices.


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