Cloud Creations Implements Insurance Commission Automation

SAN DIEGO, CA – August 12, 2019 – Senior Quote is one of the nation’s top insurance carriers to seniors ensuring that they receive the coverage that is specifically right for them. Senior Quote assists in the supplementing of Medicare supplement plans and other insurance services. Thus, for seniors they can answer the many questions about costs, coverage and care that seniors might have to supplement all of their insurance needs and guarantee they will receive the coverage they deserve.


Senior Quote had a long manual process for updating and creating records. They would receive long lists of payment records via Excel data sheets and then update existing records. They needed to be able to mass upload that data and also to have payment records created to cut back the time it took to do this manually. Senior Quote needed custom configurations to native modalities in Salesforce to accomplish this.


Cloud Creations developed apex automation code to simplify the manual data input process. Senior Quote had about 10 long steps, and needed premium support to perform all imports, by eliminating these extra steps and manually creating new records, the process was refined to 3 easy steps for all of their inbound records to be synced into Salesforce using their new apex automation configurations.

Cloud Creations also developed a custom object – commissions report – here Senior Quote users can import the data and upon import, this will trigger the creation of the payment record or records needed to be tied to every customer/policy holder just by these automated steps as well.

There was also a custom setup for processed and not processed imported commission’s reports. This helped separate the imported records that are attached to an existing policy record, or the ones that were not found. Making it easy for Senior Quote clients to make edits when needed. Additionally, auto populated fields from imported commission’s reports created related carrier payment records within the apex automation process as well.

Commission reports and carrier payment functionalities can be regulated on object field displays customized and configured by apex automation. Follow the highlights and arrows below to see the automated setup.



Senior Quote had the automation that they needed to track inbound client data in one single CRM.

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