Cloud Creations Implements Homeless Service and Support (demo)

PASADENA, CA- Jan 15, 2018 – This video demonstrates Salesforce implemented by Cloud Creations for a local homeless service and support non-profit organization:

Program Highlights

  • Accounts Customization
  • Contact Customization
  • Activity Customization
  • Data Security Permissions
  • Reports Set-up



Salesforce Set-up: Homepage

 Displayed on the homepage is a panel view of “Recent Records,” and below it are two smaller panels displaying “Today’s Events” where the user can utilize the “View Calendar” option, and next to it is the “Today’s Tasks” panel. In the upper-right-hand side of the homepage is also another panel for the “Assistant” functionality of this Salesforce set-up.


Accounts Customization

 On this page the user can access 4 different record types: Client, Agency, Donor, and Volunteer. Using any of these records types the user can find exactly what they are looking for. Once one of the record types is chosen the user can look at an individual record, on this view the user will find in the top panel the most relevant fields such as the Account Name, Record Type, Phone, and Account Owner; while the “Related” list in the panel below it displays information for the “Contacts,” as well “Notes and Attachments” associated with the Account.


Activity Customization

The right-hand panel displays the “Activity” functionality which enables clients to log-in to either: New Task, New Event, Log a Call, and Email. Additionally, while scrolling down on the Activity tab the user can see a time-line associated with an event and “Past Activities.”

Now that Account Record Types have been set the user is able to customize list views using a drop-down menu on the “Recently Viewed” panel based on the record types that the user has selected.



Contact Records

 In addition to the standard fields on display, Cloud Creations created many custom fields allowing the Non-Profit to capture even deeper information such as: Housing Status, Income Sources, Health Insurance, Exit Date, Reason for Leaving, etc.


Data Security Permissions

Data security was set-up/customized, so that only two users could have access to any of the customized information seen in the “Contact Records” (above), as the presenter illustrates, when a user clicks on the field “Entry Date” they are taken to the “View Field Accessibility” button where any of the two users – Solution Manager, or System Administrator – with security profiles and permission can access any of the private Contact information.


Additional Activity: Records

When the user clicks on the Call link in the Activity panel they are taken to a section in the Tasks tab that would allow the Non-Profit to collect information related to activities associated with “donors,” for example. In the “Reports” tab the presenter shows how users can access the All Accounts record to see a break-down of all the Account record types in a customized horizontal chart view that allows the user to view the values associated the record type. This allows for faster access to all of the information pertained in the record type.



This concludes the walkthrough of the Non-Profit Salesforce customization project. If you have any further questions about this project, or anything else Salesforce related please contact Cloud Creations by either email or phone using the information below:


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