Cloud Creations Implements Deal Pipeline Management

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – September 23, 2018 – Strata Fund Solutions, LLC (Strata) was formed in 2008 as a full service administration company aiming to provide high-quality administration and consulting services to the alternative investments industry. Strata Fund primarily provides administration in: hedge funds, private equity funds, fund of funds, and managed accounts. Their range of diverse knowledge of financial markets affords their clients more than basic administration; instead, it allows their clients to change and grow as their needs change and grow.


Strata Fund was using a CRM that wasn’t giving them the type of accurate reporting that they needed. Strata Fund had the desire to take the reports that existed in their old CRM and integrate them into a platform that was capable of expanding on the data in those reports.


Cloud Creations assisted Strata Fund by helping them migrate all of their data over into Salesforce Professional. To do this Cloud Creations customized their account and opportunity objects and fields, then synced those capabilities into dashboards and reports in their Salesforce Professional environment.

Data was filtered from account and opportunity objects into reports that displayed more robust data such as: probability, potential revenues, weighted revenue and stage of the opportunity.

See the features that Cloud Creations implemented in the report screen shot below.

In reports the data could also be expanded into even deeper aggregate materials and categories.

You can peruse those features in the screen shot below.

Object and field configurations added expanded data elements such as secondary contractors associated with a contact, law firms, banks, and audit institutions.

Data pertinent to the company was also captured such as the company website and compliance information.

See the expanded CRM upgrades that Cloud Creations migrated into Strata’s new Salesforce CRM below.

Opportunity details were also expanded so that contact roles (right arrow) could be filtered into reports and dashboards, so that names and accounts associated with an opportunity could be displayed and filtered into reports, and so that services provided and requested could not only be captured, but also filtered into dashboard and reports as well.

Take a look at the configurations to the opportunity object and field implemented by Cloud Creations below…just follow the arrows!


In the end, Strata Fund had the sales points that they were interested in capturing in a new CRM that furthered their capability to expand the scope of their data.

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