Cloud Creations Implements Customer Tracking for Stem Cell Clinic

NOVEMBER 19, 2018 – Irvine, CA – Founded in 2003 by Habib Torfi, Invitrx Therapeutics is a biotechnology company specializing in the culture and engineering of adult stem cells that consist of the development of innovative products and therapies that are used in aesthetics, wound closure, and healing, as well as, plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Invitrx had existing accounts on spreadsheets that they wanted converted into a custom object (Client and Parent accounts) that could be used to distribute information into object fields in account. and opportunities.  They also needed product information set up in Salesforce, and pipeline reports created in opportunities as well as Price Books for the opportunity listings.


Cloud Creations custom configured Client and Parent account objects and fields that were implemented into native Salesforce functionalities to be used as distributors into accounts and opportunity object fields that were related to one another.

A spreadsheet import migrated Invitrx products into Salesforce so that they could be used to list opportunity and account views according to doctors and medical facilities.

After these configurations and implementations, the custom objects could also then generate customized pipeline reports in opportunities, as well as, product price books that Invitrx users could then utilize like leads.

Check out the client account with parent account implementation in the screenshot below.

In the large panel detail, it displays relevant account information including account ownership or parent object, and in the smaller panel it displays user functionality.

The parent object feeder can be utilized to create a custom pipeline report in opportunity functionality. It displays information like object parent ownership and details associated with an opportunity.

Product setups in Salesforce can display a PriceBook as a product object. Product names, descriptions, and whether an account is active can be accessed in the PriceBook display configuration.

The product PriceBook can list information based on the opportunities associated with different doctors such as the product name, price, and whether the account or product remains active to the opportunity. A history of purchases generated through parent accounts can also be displayed.

Account multiple list views allow the user to streamline information from parent and client accounts and into opportunity and account objects.


Invitrx had the product and software integrations that they needed to manage their client accounts more efficiently, and to store and track the data that they needed more effectively for future leads and opportunities.

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