Cloud Creations Implements Complex Web Service Integrations

GLENDALE, CO – Feb 19, 2018 – Founded in 2011, Pawngo is the very first online pawnshop in the United States. Today it is one of the largest and serves clients in all 50 states. Pawngo provides cash to individuals and businesses in exchange for luxury assets that they either purchase or hold as loan collateral. Pawngo is a leader in the fast-growing online alternative lending market, with 7 years of experience helping to meet their clients’ cash-flow needs.

Pawngo had to have a very technical set-up created for their online business platform. They had two web based businesses (the other being Lux Exchange) that needed sales transactions and processes to be filtered into one site, and therefore needed one site to be created externally so that both websites could have their sales and transaction information integrated into Salesforce through the Pawngo website while using an External URLconnected to Lux Exchange. This set-up required intensive Visual force Development to create various web based form submissions in Contacts and Opportunities, as well as, Apex Logic to create a record once the aforementioned had been engaged.

The entire web-service integration process had to have the ability to create automated transaction records throughout all aspects of the websites functionality platforms.

Cloud Creations integrated the 2 Pawngo websites into Salesforce using an external URL. Data and sales information collection from both websites was engaged through Visualforce Development that used submission forms created in Visualforce to pull information from the populated fields of the forms. The information in these fields were mutually dependent to one another, and filtered from the websites when custom Contact and Opportunity objects were engaged by users. These custom Opportunity and Contact objects were developed and linked using Apex Logic to create a record and auto-update records when users had engaged with the Pawngo web-service platform.

Apex is a superb web-service integration because of its ability to create “triggers.” For example, while using triggers in Apex users can define them and prioritize them according to when certain objects are engaged, like“Contacts” and “Accounts” custom objects for the Pawngo project, for example.  Thus, defining a trigger, is as simple as instituting automation rules within a workflow set to an object so that when it is engaged the workflow process is initiated. One case of that in the Pawngo platform was instituted through the development of a FedEx web- service integration.  Cloud Creations developed 2 custom Opportunity buttons along with 2 FedEx templates that when engaged by users on the Pawngo webpage would trigger a Visualforce page that had a “Send Final Offer Button,” and another with a link to “Accept Offer.”  The entire platform was set-up and developed through Apex and enabled Pawngo to establish triggers that created automatic updates to Salesforce, the ability to sign and submit documents with 4 different DocuSign templates, and of course to begin the transaction process using FedEx.

Because the websites relied on several third-party user interactions Cloud Creations also used a Pardot app in order to connect several other workflow processes on the Pawngo website such as: Segmentation Lists, and additional email templates (15) that required continuous automation and collection filtered into Salesforce.  This was also used for the processes of initiating and finalizing Pawngo’s online sales transactions.

In the end Pawngo had the Customization, Automation, Data Collection and Retrieval, and Workflow processes that they had sought in a multi-functional platform capable of initiating and finalizing sales transactions online.

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