Cloud Creations Implements Coffee Roaster (Video)

OAKLAND, CA – Nov 10, 2017 – This video demonstrates a coffee manufacturers Salesforce organization. The points that this video will cover are:

  • Custom Data Entry Screens
  • Product Set-up
  • QuickBooks Integration (DB Sync)
  • Shopify Web-Service Integration




On the Homepage various sections are displayed. For example, beginning in the Quarterly Performance area of the Homepage, goals can be established and then viewed at the top and users viewing the homepage can see where they are regarding achieving that goal based off opportunities that they have settled.

Further on the page is a section for news. In the News section, a Salesforce feature syncs the user’s opportunities to news related to a customer’s or client’s business. Below the News on the homepage are Today’s Event’s and Task’s. These appear as two separate panels. In these panels, tasks or events that have been created in Salesforce are displayed, and if a user has chosen to sync their Gmail to Salesforce those events and tasks are on display in the panels as well.

Just underneath, the Recent Records panel allows users to view any records that they have recently viewed, and besides the Recent Records panel is the Top Deals panel. This panel is a Salesforce generated value displaying the top opportunities associated with the user’s Salesforce account.

The very top right-hand view displays the Assistant panel. This feature, like many other features, utilizes built in Salesforce Artificial Intelligence to inform users of information related to outstanding accounts requiring immediate attention, or high-level prioritization.



In this section users can view the Details associated with an account. The coffee roaster manufacturer in this video works directly with companies. So, because of this certain customizations were created to enable the coffee roaster to improve their sales transactions. Customizations such as: Credit, Credit Limit, Account Status, Terms, and Active Reasons, were all customized to help them with B2B sales transactions. Just as well standard information for billing and shipping are also included on the Detail screen as well. Additionally, because QuickBooks was integrated into this Salesforce user’s platform with a third-partyDB Sync app, other fields were brought into the Detail view as well.

On the same panel view, a Related section, gives users the ability to view relationships tied to the account. In this panel there are 4 fields for: Contacts, Sales (Opportunities), Notes, and Files. When users access any one of the 4 fields they will also see all of the relationships attached to those fields as Sales, Accounts, Files, and Notes as well.  There is also a page lay-out for the Contact, and the DB Sync app information for QuickBooks as well.



In the Sales tab there is further customization. The customization appears asSales Name and Account Name, and there are also panel views for Sales Process Information, Additional Information, and QuickBooks Information; each has sub-view fields as well. On the right-hand side of the panel are other panels for relationships attached to the Sale. There is a panel view for Contacts associated with the Sale, Products, Notes, Files, and Receivables which is generated by the QuickBooks-DB Sync app integration.



In the Products tab users can view items such as Recently Viewed. The Recently Viewed feature has a drop-down menu which allows users to choose an item and then view customized features that were added to the coffee roasters Salesforce platform such “Weight,” “Product Family,” and “Active” status. Included are also native Salesforce features such as Product Description, Code, and Name.

On the same panel is a view for Related relationships. In this view users can see the price book, and itemizations such as dollar amount related to the product, “Active” status, Notes, and Files.


What the followed was a presentation outlining one customer’s customization of Data Entry screens, product set-up, a QuickBooksintegration using a DB Sync app, and a Shopify Web-service integration into Salesforce.


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