Cloud Creations Implements Campaigns for Property Acquisition Company

DALLAS, TX – March 12, 2019 – Tregan Partners LP are a financial services company specializing in real estate and other real estate investment services. Tregan Energy Partners, LP (“Tregan”) owns and acquires mineral and royalty interests in oil and natural gas properties throughout the United States. Tregan has invested in mineral and royalty acquisitions in areas that include the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus and Haynesville shale plays. The Tregan team is based in Texas near much of the U.S. drilling activity and combines deep energy experience with engineering, financial, operating and real estate know-how.


Tregan needed to have an import of leads, properties and campaigns. Tregan also needed those same objects to have an association created between leads and properties.


Cloud Creations configured Tregan’s leads and campaigns onto a single spreadsheet then imported them into Salesforce so that the needed information could be populated into the custom fields and objects that Cloud Creations also configured for Tregan in: leads, properties, and campaigns.

Once this was done, Tregan also needed Cloud Creations to configure object field displays to show object field data relationships in specifically distinguished field sub-panels.

Cloud Creations imported Tregan leads into a specific lead object. In the screen detail below you can see lead details like the account name (left pointing arrow), and you can find addresses and google location (bottom pointing arrow), and you can also see other details related to the lead (right pointing arrows).

A property import into custom field and object settings allows users to view unique details about the property’s legal holdings (left bottom pointing arrow), and also allows users to track and log activities associated with the property.

The same configuration shows an association/relationship between leads, properties, and campaigns. The object functionality can identify when properties have an association, like the top panel, and they can also show how many campaigns are associated with a particular lead, like in the bottom panel view.


Tregan had the data import and migration that they needed in their Salesforce Enterprise platform. With this tie-in to Salesforce Tregan was able to see relationships between object entities and streamline their business practices more efficiently because of it.

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