Cloud Creations Implements Campaigns for Architectural Firm

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 3, 2018 – JERDE is a global group of: architects, landscapers, urban planners, and strategists with a collective commitment to design beyond the ordinary. Jerde has a deep and intrinsic interest in people, rooted in values like curiosity, identity, championing experience, pioneering fresh ideas, and tailoring solutions; which are values that inherently embody architecture. Jerde’s commitment is to use their deep knowledge of retail, leisure, and entertainment spaces to promote experiential qualities in a rapidly changing and digital world.


Jerde needed a productive and efficient way to do their marketing. Jerde had been doing business in a very organized, yet roll-a-dex and spreadsheet style manner. To top things off they had information from their international offices mixed in with all of the information from their American offices as well.



Cloud Creations performed a mass data clean up and update. Jerde had a lot of dirty data and many duplicates, or “dead” leads, and inactive accounts; meaning Jerde had no way of knowing which accounts belonged to their international or American offices?

So, Cloud Creations created custom fields and list views to separate all of Jerde’s regional offices.

Cloud Creations also setup and configured customized drip campaigns in Pardot, email templates, and automation to setup tasks.

Reports were created for marketing purposes and dashboard- reports on marketing leads and conversions to enhance their marketing campaigns as well.

In their new list views Jerde are now capable of designating client information like physical address, campaign history associated with the contact, and they are able to assign new tasks and campaigns using the integrated Pardot functionality (bottom left pointing arrow).

Leads can also be designated regionally as well. In the screen shot below users have four designation choices, see them for yourself.

New account list views offer up general functionalities like the ability to input information related to the account that would also help to fetter out duplicate accounts and replications, like the parent account search option list view (left pointing arrow), a company description (down pointing arrow below), and automated functionalities at the bottom of the list view display for creating a new account, saving the current account, or deleting the account.

A custom email template allows Jerde to follow their campaigns using html hyperlinks for subscriber options, and it also integrates web service leads with hyperlinks taking email users to the Jerde website.


Jerde can now send out marketing emails before an architectural conference or event, they can send out international email blasts, they have an organized and streamlined database, and they now know and understand how to use Salesforce.

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