Cloud Creations Implements Apex Automation for MerchSource

IRVINE, CA – August 6, 2019 – As a multi-channel consumer goods designer, developer, importer, and distributor, MerchSource’s product line includes electronics, remote control vehicles, natural wood toys, educational toys, wellness, home decor, men’s gifts, and pet items. MerchSource distributes these products under its in-house and externally licensed brands; which include: Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, Sharper Image, Peanuts, and Emerson. Headquartered in Irvine, CA – MerchSource operations can be found globally in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Guangzhou


MerchSource had a heavy workload that was primarily manual.  With multiple goods and multiple locations, it was not hard to see that MerchSource needed a way to ship out orders to customers and product to other plants much more effectively, track customer data from their website, and reconcile business data from the multitudes of work locations that they possessed around the world.


Cloud Creations developed an automated online order process for their special boutique and seasonal orders for when workloads were heavier. Cloud Creations started by mocking up a Visualforce PDF order form that is synced to automated apex code and works to update orders and records in MerchSource’s Salesforce org. With the same apex code development and automation, email notifications were also created, these email notifications worked in the same manner and were also capable of populating information to the custom object fields developed by Cloud Creations in payment and invoice.

A NetSuite app web service integration also synced customer and product information from MerchSource’s website, it also was capable of initiating automatic task notifications to the data records in the custom products object field to generate automated PDF invoices for all linked automated order processes.

Auto-populated fields using apex to source with a NetSuite webservice can populate the needed information on any field object view. Take a look at the screen shot below, to see how those configurations can update data to a specific workflow command.

Custom product information was configured into the product object field to designate criteria such as whether a product was active, available, and to display the product image.

Follow the red boxes to see those integrations for yourself now in the screenshot below.

A custom automated Visualforce order form from web service to website was also created.

A Visualforce PDF when activated auto-populates information from the Salesforce org onto the website for automatic billing and invoicing purposes. See that image below now.


MerchSource needed intensive automation and workflow processes so that they could reconcile their multitude of work processes on a daily basis and when things got heavy. With an apex automation configuration for manual updating in their Salesforce org, and Visualforce mockups and custom field objects configured by Cloud Creations MerchSource was able to realize these necessities.

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