Cloud Creations Implements Apex Automation for Credit Management Company

ROCKFORD, IL – March 7, 2019 – Founded in 1996, Family Credit Management is non-profit credit counseling agency that helps individuals with diverse debt needs to get their credit back on track by providing personalized financial business solutions to get out of debt.



Family Credit Management was running their business from a multiple driver platform that was linked to a single spreadsheet which utilized multiple complex calculations, and had to be accessed in multiple tab views as well.

Family Credit wanted to move out of this static platform and into Salesforce where they hoped to establish more streamlined workflows.



Cloud Creations created custom object fields in “creditors” and “state” and had the data from Family Credit’s spreadsheet synced into their Salesforce through various sandbox level deployments. Once this was established Cloud Creations also created a Visualforce page for automated input so that data based off the spreadsheet could be captured and calculated into their salesforce environment.  An email template synced in Apex also could display these calculations for their clients in a Visualforce page email as well.

Family credit can utilize several workflows from a single object field panel display. Users can email quotes (left arrow), update subpanel field displays (right arrow), and view an account record.

A Visualforce email template auto-populates relational data for client emails.


Family Credit had a CRM platform environment that could take the information from their complex calculations and could then turn them into workflows which maximized their daily work related activities.

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