Cloud Creations Implements Airline onto Sales Cloud (demo)

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jan 11, 2018 – This video is a walkthrough demo of an Airline Company’s Salesforce implementation. The highlights of this demo include:

  • Custom Data Entry Screens: Account, Contact, Opportunity
  • Custom Reports (2) and Dashboard (1) Setup
  • Data Import: Spreadsheet




On the Homepage there are a few different customized features displayed; for example, such as the top panel where a News feed is displayed. The News feed feature is synced to display news and information pertaining to the industries of the user’s different accounts.

The panel on the bottom left-hand side of the Home page displays Recent Records. In this view the user can look at any records that he/she may have recently viewed. A hyperlink at the bottom of the panel “view all” allows the user to view all of his/her records.

In the Today’s Tasks Panel, right-hand side, the user can view all of their tasks for the current work day. Users with an Outlook integration can also see any tasks synced from Outlook in this view as well.

Next, in the Top Deals panel – beneath Today’s Tasks – are displayed all of the user’s opportunities that carry a high dollar sales value.


Customized Accounts Screen

 At the customization level Accounts were renamed to “Agencies,” in the Details panel of the Agency screen the field view displays the Agency, then for “Type,” there is a customized drop-down menu that was added so that the user can fill out the field with the appropriate agency type choices. Also, to the right of the agency detail there is another customized drop-down menu for “Territory.” Beneath the “Territory” drop-down menu are other drop-down options – also customized – for “Agency Related Sub Agency,” and “Agency HQ,” and again beneath the “Description” box – left hand side – are two more customized field view lines for “Agency IATA Number,” and “Agency HQ IATA Number.”


Contacts Page Layout

 In the Contact page layout, secondary addresses were removed from the field view and only primary addresses are on display. The Contacts page was restructured/streamlined to accommodate the Airline Company’s desire to see their data how they wished to see it displayed.


Opportunities Page Layout

 For the Airline Company the Opportunities screen was renamed to Sales Quota, like the other screens this was customized, and appears as both a tab and top view panel as well.  In the Details panel the Opportunity Name now appears as “Sales Quota Name,” and beneath the user will find standard line views such as “Agency Name,” and “Agency Type.”  The Agency Type field view also has a customized drop-down menu option as well. When a user engages the Edit button on the “Month” field view a pop-up screen appears where the user can choose from various functionality options including a formula field that can use the Agency IATA Number and Agency Name to auto-populate a field based on agency selection.

On the same pop-out screen there is a customized “Stages” field view and drop-down menu that lists all of the Airlines percentages as a “stage.” Then scrolling down on the pop-up screen there is a view for “Quota Information” and within the view there are other drop down options for “Account Manager,” “Target Type,” “Ticket Type,” Tickets Accomplished,” “Revenue Target,” and “Revenue Accomplished.”

Then further down the pop up screen is another field view for Market Share information where there are fill-in lines and custom drop-downs also for line items such as “Territory,” “IATA Number,” “Carrier,” “Class,” as well as “Passenger Number.”


Custom Reports

A page for Sales Quota Reports was created as well. On it was all of the Airline Company’s information; including, details such as: Account Manager, Agency Name, Last Modified Date, Sales Quota Name, Passenger Number, Ticket Target, Tickets Accomplished, Revenue Target, and Revenue Accomplished. At the top of the panel an area was created for sum totals on the Sales Quota Reports custom reports page.


Market Share Reports

On this page the Airline Company user can view and access information pertaining to: Carrier, Sale Quota Name, Territory, Account Manager, Month, Type, Agency Name, and Sale Quota Owner. At the top of the panel is a record of Total Passenger Numbers (No.).



 To bring the reports together a customized dashboard was created that includes a visual representation of Market Share information and a Sales Quota Report.



 The customizations and implementations that you have seen can be implemented for your company or private business Salesforce software suite as well. If you should have any questions contact Cloud Creations either by email or phone at the email address and phone numbers below.


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