Cloud Creations Implements Activity Management for Theme Park Operator

LONDON, UK – December 10, 2018 – Merlin operates more than 110 attractions, twelve hotels and four holiday villages in 23 countries across four continents; including: SEA LIFE, Madame Tussauds, the Dungeons and LEGOLAND, The Coca-Cola London Eye, Gardaland Resort, Heide Park Resort and Alton Towers Resort. Merlin has a huge variety of attractions, each more different than the last, but they are all managed with the same goal: to provide a truly memorable experience and a great day out for the entire family.


Merlin had contacts and accounts on an Excel spreadsheet and they wanted them moved into a CRM platform. They also needed accounts to reflect activities associated with it as both a current year display and a last year display.

This information had to be filtered into appropriate object and field displays so that administrators could utilize the information for data tracking and management processes associated with the account and contact.


Cloud Creations configured then migrated Merlin’s accounts and contacts into Merlin’s Professional edition. Once it was in Professional Cloud Creations was able to sync the appropriate field level information into objects and fields for accounts and contacts that Cloud Creations configured for Merlin.

Merlin also desired to track account activity on the level of current and last year status, so Cloud Creations custom configured field views at the level of current and past activities for them from the accounts field display landing page, as well.

In the account panel configuration, you can see a variety of additions. At the top you can see the account name, there is a subfield for items like the account website, and account summary.

In the field view, the panel display also has functionalities to log activities, and to see a record of current processes and past processes.

Going off of the main accounts landing page you can access field displays that will give you reports for the current year activities for the account.

And you can also access a field display report for the past year associated with the account too.

Both fields offer users on demand editing for month to month as well.

The contact field configurations offer many of the same features as the account field display setup. However, it also features functionalities like the ability to mark contacts as “inactive,” “do not call,” or “email opt-out.” These features keep contacts updated in real time.

There is also a panel at the bottom for address information with a hyperlink to view the contact location in Google as well.

Follow the arrows to see these configurations implemented by Cloud Creations in the screenshot below.


With the configurations implemented by Cloud Creations Merlin was able to get a better view of the activities associated with their accounts and contacts. Also, they were able to view them in separate current and last year views to better determine what information the data related to them was sharing.

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