Cloud Creations Implements Account Management for Dialysis Care

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 14, 2019 – Cricket Health is a specialty kidney care provider of integrated nephrology and dialysis care for people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).  Cricket Health delivers world-class, technology-enabled multidisciplinary care to achieve the best outcomes possible for patients and the best value for partners; therefore, keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital, accelerating access to transplant, and increasing home dialysis adoption.


Cricket Health was not a Salesforce user before hiring Cloud Creations and felt that their previous process was disorganized and ineffective. Their ability to run reports to gather key metrics on their lead conversion and sales data was not a possibility for them in their existing set-up, therefore, they were seeking a way to do so.


Cloud Creations developed custom fields in the lead, contact, account and opportunity objects to allow them to gather the necessary data to their business process. The Slack app was installed from the AppExchange and configured to allow for Slacks chat features to be utilized within their Salesforce org. Lightening for Gmail was also installed and configured to allow Cricket Health users to access Salesforce records while reading and answering their Gmail messages without having to log into to Salesforce separately.

In the accounts field object,records were migrated into easy to use columns that Cricket Health users can access easily for enhanced data and records implementations.

Cricket Health desired enhanced opportunity to lead-conversion configurations. Cloud Creations customized their opportunity object field to include an array of unique lead opportunity data. From top to bottom users can access an opportunity dashboard stage completion tool, prospect data, lead data, and results “qualified” configurations.

Deeper custom lead data can also be found in the opportunity field configuration as negotiations and additional information for next steps on the lead conversion opportunity.


Cricket Health can now leverage the reporting power of Salesforce to keep track of KPIs and metrics that were otherwise difficult or impossible to track in their previous system. Their existing data was imported into Salesforce to allow for better organization of not only historical data but current and future data, as well. The Lightning for Gmail app will allow Cricket Health users who spend most of their days within Gmail corresponding via email to update the Salesforce org without having to login to Salesforce in a separate window or tab, greatly increasing efficiency and generally making their day-to-day operations and processes easier.

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