Cloud Creations Develops Sales Cloud Solution for Skateboard Shop

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SANTA FE, NM – Nov 14, 2017 – Carver Skateboards is a pioneering and authentic lifestyle brand founded in 1996 by surfers who longed to extend the surf experience onto dry land too. Today, Carver proudly sells its products in 50+ countries and leads and inspires its surf and skate community as a premium gear maker and innovator. Carver is consciously evolving from startup to scale-up mode, shoring up its sales and operations functions, and upgrading its infrastructure to support tipping-point growth.

Carver had over 2,000 opportunities and over 2,000 products on Excel spread sheets that had to be imported into Salesforce. On top of that each opportunity that Carver had also contained several line items that were attached to them and therefore had to be imported as well. A great deal of this data was both existing and historical data that Carver had compiled over the years. Cloud Creations imported Carver’s Excel spread sheet data into Salesforce (Enterprise). Once the data had been imported Cloud Creations utilized the “detail” features within Enterprise to set up four categories of details for Carver. Those detail categories were: 1) Account Detail; 2) Contact Detail; 3) Opportunity Detail; and 4) Product Detail. Each “detail” housed expanded views and accessibility of the line items that were in Carver’s Excel spread sheets in a much cleaner and more effective presentation. For example, in the Account Detail information can be viewed pertaining to items such as “dealer type,” “account links” to social media landing pages, vendor types, and account sub-details. Likewise, for the broader line items that were kept in Carver’s Excel spread sheets, details were also imported into fields like Opportunity where information about the products a vendor utilized most and a detail of items on order can also be displayed. Further, the Opportunity detail affords a user the ability to assign contact roles to the account. The status of open and closed invoices are also displayed on the Opportunity detail as well. The Product detail also expanded Carver’s existing information into sub-item lines like “description information” where a more exact description of the product can be found, there are also buttons – native to Salesforce – where the user can choose options such as: edit, delete, close, or Update Product to QBOE. These features offer the Carver user more accessibility to data they once could not utilize as effectively.

These 4 fields allowed Carver the ability to have their data imported into optimal categories so that they could be viewed, analyzed, and used for other business related endeavors. Carver needed a broader and more functional platform for which to view and capitalize on their data. Cloud Creation’s ability to import the range of data that they had on Excel spread sheets, both existing and historical, into Salesforce (Enterprise) afforded Carver the opportunities to do just that: capitalize on and utilize their data to its fullest as the business continues to grow. As of this date Carver continues to reach out to Cloud Creations for their cloud integrations and strategic data importation with the further goal of expanding business opportunities using Salesforce products.

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