Cloud Creations Develops Donation Management for Nonprofit

BEAVER FALLS, PA – August 23, 2018 – RP Global Missions aims to carry on the work of missions in a fashion that is truly faith-based in its objectives, its motives and its methods. To do this RP Global Missions focuses on evangelism, the establishment of churches, and teaching their faith.


RP Global Missions had an issue with appropriately  tracking donations; in particular, they weren’t gathering information specific to the types of donations that were given, the amounts given, and who the contacts or households that were giving. They suffered from poor management of their data, and this included tracking volunteer and mission work entities as well.


Cloud Creations began cleaning up and then importing RP’s data into their Salesforce NSP platform. Cloud Creations then customized and configured RP’s objects and fields according to contacts and organizations, households and congregations, and volunteers and missions.

Check out the custom configured contact field below.

It can accommodate routine functionalities such as updating current contact information. But it has also been configured so that it can track donation information such as when donations were given, the size of donations, and if the donor is a new donor it allows for a new donor file creation to be created through customized objects at the bottom of the field display.

Fields display were also customized to show users donation information relevant to subjects such as the contact, the type of donation, any fees associated with the donation, and donation generation and close date. See these customizations by Cloud Creations in the screen shot below.

A field view record type was created so that users could use a check box to create a new record for contacts. Users can choose to create a record for donors, congregation, and household associated accounts and contacts. Custom objects were configured into the field view for record creation and data storage as well. See the customizations in the screenshot below.


As a result, RP were more organized and better equipped to track donations, volunteering, and mission work thanks in part to the custom configurations and display implemented by Cloud Creations team of creative project managers, and software techs, and engineers.

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