Cloud Creations Develops Custom Visualforce Quoting Tool

BALDWIN PARK, CA – July 6, 2018 – With more than 14 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of top quality and innovative inflatable jumpers, moonwalks and water slides, EZ Inflatables, Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier in the rapidly expanding “party rentals” industry.


EZ needed a CRM to keep track of all of their opportunities and customer data, they also needed the same data integrated to QuickBooks, and they needed a custom proposal implemented into their platform.


Native objects like opportunities tabs were utilized by Cloud Creations for the data implementation that EZ sought. EZ had several customer contacts and information on spreadsheets, so Cloud Creations had to do both a spreadsheet import and export into EZ’s Salesforce CRM so that the data they wanted visible and accessed, as well as tracked, could be utilized through various objects within field panel views.

Check out the opportunities field panel below with its customized on page features.

Cloud Creations implemented check boxes, a notes description panel, and a lower panel view where files could be synced using a DB Sync app install.

A product panel view (below) displays some of the same features, and includes product picture descriptions and a checkbox to know whether or not the account linked to the product is active.

Products were imported into EZ’s CRM and categorized to custom codes, names, and files that were developed by Cloud Creations.

Take a look at the setup below.

An accounts import was also implemented. Information like account names and phone numbers were imported into the object field. Check boxes allow for EZ’s users to access a single file from the field view page on display below.

A custom proposal was worked up as a Visualforce page by Cloud Creations.

Check out the custom data imported into the Visualforce page, it allows users to populate data into the fields that they needed populated. Look at it below.

A customized report panel in a custom report object allows users access to multiple rows of items and information on a single field view. Take a look at the customizations below.

The custom dashboard, in a split panel view, displays within the dashboard object visual data about product opportunities, and shows statistical information about overall sales of products and opportunities.


EZ had the CRM implementation that they needed to keep track of the data and opportunities that they needed to view most.

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