Cloud Creations Creates Tenant Management Application

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – August 1, 2018- Mandelbaum & Associates, Inc. is a family-run business with expertise in serving the local real estate investment community for the past 30+ years. They specialize in providing asset investment management, value-added tax planning, tax preparation, and associated services that maximize investor return from the acquisition, development, redevelopment, management, ownership and disposition of real property assets.


Mandelbaum needed a way to track property units, the history of property sales, and renter history. Mandelbaum needed a series of custom objects that could track and compile data on these activities.They needed Cloud Creations to implement these custom implementations into their existing Salesforce Enterprise platform.


Cloud Creations developed 3 custom objects for Mandelbaum.

A property price detail set-up allows users to see several of the details associated with a property.  Those details are set out as a history. The detail shows owner information, buyer information, and information associated with the lender and banking institutions.

See the field panel below.

The custom unit object lays out information such as amenities in the field view. Users can also upload and access pictures in the same object panel field view as well.


The unit rent object allows the user to access several features from the field view. For example, the user can create a record using the record type customized object on the field view. Users can also access Geopointe locations customizations and access maps from the unit rent object field view as well.

Take a look at the deeper customizations below.

Cloud Creations also integrated field objects onto field panel views so that users can edit, delete, or clone records. Users also have the ability to create new records and opportunities using new task and new event objects customized on field view object panels.


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