Cloud Creations Creates Automated Billing

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 4, 2018 – Rooted in service and longevity. Barrera & Co., Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned business. Advising owners and investors to see the value of planning for the future Barrera & Co. completes over 1,000 reserve studies a year throughout the United States. They have always demonstrated leadership through innovation and a commitment to improving the customer experience.


Barrera & Co. needed to replace their old onboarding questionnaire with up to date software features capable of being integrated with their already in usage platform.


Cloud Creations incorporated into their email platform a questionnaire that was mocked-up than integrated using a few different email templates in Visualforce and in an HTML page.

The image below shows some of Cloud Creations custom integrations into Barrera’s Salesforce email On Boarding Questionnaire campaigns.

The image includes standard information outlining the campaign, but also includes a hyperlink with the choice to begin the questionnaire at a later time, using a hyperlink that records the activity using an automated process builder and task assignment rule.

In the same image a custom button on the template also allows clients to begin the questionnaire in Barrera’s Salesforce, then capture that information into a workflow through an Apex development integration.

The On Boarding template (below) includes several custom integrations as well, like an automated workflow (upward arrow), drop down menus that use process builder to assign workflow tasks and automated notifications in Apex, and custom edit buttons to modify information in Barrera’s process builder and Salesforce.

Take a look at the various activities that can be engaged on the template below.

Another custom button to begin the questionnaire and information box was added containing information pertinent to Barrera’s campaign. There is also a custom hyperlink embedded at the bottom of the information box that syncs the clients email then allows them to email Barrera for a PDF record of the questionnaire.

Take a look at the further customization on the questionnaire template below as well.

Custom Apex class codes were created by Cloud Creations so that Barrera clients could drop PDF files onto Barrera’s Visualforce template.

You can see it on the image below at the bottom marked as “Attach Relevant Items.”

Cloud Creations also used Apex coding for custom yes, no, and not sure objects, and fields to input expense expenditures and notes.


Barrera had the software upgrades that they needed to streamline their onboarding process, and for gathering information utilizing smoother and more efficient workflow and automation processes.




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