Cloud Creations Configures Pardot for Oncimmune

DE SOTO, KS – June 13, 2019 – Founded in 2002, Oncimmune has become a leader in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of personalized “immunodiagnostics” in order to screen, detect, and provide care for those with cancer; thereby changing how cancer is diagnosed and treated.


With representatives in multiple world-wide locations in the United States, Europe, and Asian Pacific, Oncimmune needed a platform that enabled them to track multi-currencies and multi-national data so that Oncimmune users could record sales opportunities in the currency where they did business, and where once it was captured and  updated it could be configured into one data platform.

Additionally, Oncimmune was also utilizing their data and records in a Hubspot app, so Cloud Creations needed to create marketing materials for them that could be accessed in Pardot and synced to their Enterprise Salesforce platform.


Cloud Creations configured Salesforce Pardot into Oncimmune’s Enterprise platform to expand their information and data storage intel range on leads and accounts affording the them the chance to close opportunities associated with leads and accounts much faster.

Within the native Salesforce environment, Cloud Creations also did a spreadsheet import of Oncimmune’s crucial account and product data from their Hubspot app. From here Cloud Creations configured object fields for leads, accounts, and opportunities that could be synced to email templates that either existing customers or new leads could fill out which then updated existing account information or created new leads in Salesforce. A Linkpoint app installed and configured to Outlook enhanced these functionalities even further.

Cloud Creations multi-currency Pardot integrations include contract details showing the type of currency a sales opportunity is negotiated in (bottom most left pointing arrow), the lead type as a “new business” and account type as “pharmacy” for up to date record and data collection (center left arrow), and currency conversion rates for the record account opportunity type (top bottom down arrow).

An email template configured by Cloud Creations using the linkpoint3rd party app for outlook, captures user data analyticsand syncs it Oncimmune’s Salesforce Enterprise environment in Pardot.

Pardot email templates worked up by Cloud Creations have hyperlink functionalities as well, see those by following the left pointing arrow at the bottom of the screenshot below and at bottom of the screenshot that follows it.



Oncimmume could now sync existing accounts and opportunities, and new leads into one CRM capable of configuring multi-currency data on an on-demand basis to enhance user, and customer sales productivity.

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