Cloud Creations Implements Deal Tracking for Capital Group

SAN MATEO, CA – Jan 20, 2017 – ACE Capital Group needed several upgrades in main areas of their website. In particular, they needed Cloud Creations to 1): improve the flow of the leasing process by changing it into multi-tiered templates, so they needed Cloud Creations to develop a number of custom objects and templates, and 2): they needed Cloud Creations to develop a “Role Hierarchy” for the express purpose of managing accounts and managing the amount and flow of information accessible to leasing and sales agents.

Cloud Creations created templates for “Acquisitions” and assigned 2 record types to the Acquisitions. The first was a bucket whereupon once an acquisition was recorded it would be assigned and moved into another bucket of working acquisitions waiting to be moved and/or assigned to either the “Offering” or “Escrow” template. This was one of the ways that Cloud Creations was able to implement a Role Hierarchy for processes, information flow, and information available to leasing and sales agents. The basis of Acquisitions, allowed Cloud Creations to develop an “Offerings” object. Within the Offerings object were several fields capable of capturing a diversity of information such as: Offer Price, Seller Asking Price, Date of Offer, Expiration Date, Location, Zoning, Final Price, Final Terms, and a checkbox to choose if the Offer was accepted. This functionality of the Offerings object did not require that all of the information be entered at once. It could be saved and edited for later. This offered ACE Capital Group the type of data flow and management that they were seeking. Once information was saved a few additional fields automatically populated the information and could not be changed unless changed at the source, or by an internal manager. The amount of data exposure that sales and leasing agents had could be controlled.

So with fields such as: Final Price, Final Terms, and Offer Accepted, being automatically populated, template integrations could be used to generate PDF template mailers that could be sent to clients. Records were only created when an offer was accepted, offering ACE further security measures through a Role Hierarchy. Moreover, a list view in the Acquisitions object was created and called the “All-Bucket Mailers.” Within this functionality the last 3 columns in the list view allowed users to check off the box if they were interested in having a mailer sent out for that particular Acquisition. And with the ability to select multiple list views at a time and check them off, they could have multiple mailers sent out (max 200 records at a time) if they wanted. Through the Salesforce® AppExchange, Cloud Creations integrated the Conga Composer app, which allowed for the facilitation of integrated information that could generate, populate, and create these PDF mailers. When in use the Conga Composer screen pops up and then allows users to scan through the list of templates until they find the one they want to use for any particular mailer.

ACE Capital Groups needs were vast. Through the implementation of custom objects and buttons, Role Hierarchy, and App Exchange, Cloud Creations using Salesforce® solutions was able to meet their needs.

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