Cloud Creations Implements Communities for Custom Suit Manufacturer

NEW YORK, NY – Aug 10, 2017 – A manufacturer of premium custom tailored men’s suits, Enzo Custom Clothiers are situated in 5 major U.S. cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Beverly Hills. Utilizing in-house resources in order to cut down manufacturing costs and deliver higher quality custom tailored suits to their customers, Enzo representatives select their materials from over 100 custom fabric mills worldwide. By doing this Enzo is able to drive down, or out, the costs of excessive advertising and storefront merchandising.  The end result is a satisfied client whose complete custom needs are met, usually beyond expectation. With a superior crafted suit, which is often times below the rates of most of Enzo’s competitors, most Enzo “first-time” customers become a repeat customer and a willing referral source.

Some of Enzo’s primary challenges were in their ability to initiate and track customer orders properly.  With suit generation beginning online, Enzo was faced with the challenge of capturing client measurements and information in a specific and detailed way without disorienting the customer.  Enzo needed a platform that acted like an interaction with an actual sales associate or suit tailor, while at the same time having the ability to take inventory of the needed information to construct the customer’s custom-made suit.

What Enzo needed was a way to track and manage their complex process of gathering customer information, material inventory, sales transaction records from their various locations, and the whereabouts of a customer’s custom tailored suit. They also needed a platform capable of mimicking the level of interaction necessary for crafting a custom tailored suit.

Enzo enlisted the services of Cloud Creations to create an array of different Garment Customization Tools to capture the diverse and rich elements of the aforementioned. On the one hand, Cloud Creations was able to customize a 2 page ES order form to log and integrate garment details relevant to sizing and fitting. Customers were also given the ability to upload information, e.g. images, and have tools like “look up” options to add further ordering details to their suit tailoring process. Additionally, “Calendar Events” were also created so that customers could be reminded of their in-store fitting(s).  A “live agent” was added to their website using the Salesforce® application “Chatting.” Once Chatting was initiated from the Enzo website the consumer was emailed a “user code” so that potential customers could contact an online representative with questions, and so that Enzo could build an archive of sales leads based on these Chatting sessions.  From the time a client started their order online, was measured at a sales location, and up the time the suit was finished a tracking bar code was created by Cloud Creations to capture the information of the entire order.

With efficient ordering and sizing options now on their website, Enzo has been able to improve the quality of their online ordering process and cut down sales lead times. Cloud Creations has also integrated the payment option application BluePay to Enzo’s online order processing menu, and Cloud Creations has also added shipping options utilizing UPS as well. With the help of Cloud Creations, Enzo has improved their ability to capture critical inventory information that keeps their costs lower and makes them competitive with other online suit manufactures.

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